Welcome to the Beyond The Knife Blog


Welcome to the Beyond The Knife blog. Whoa, that’s a heavy name, isn’t it? Well, healthcare and medicine are heavy topics, but I’m here to bring a little light to the subject. Our wellbeing is the most important part of our lives and when we take ownership. Stay educated and take control of our health, we are happier and healthier people.  

I’m Dr. William Cooper, but you can call me Coop. Thank you for reading and being part of this community. 

So, who is this blog for and why should I be here? Glad you asked. 

This blog is for everyone. Our topics will cover all things medical, from the value of getting a second opinion, to learning how you can have a better relationship with your doctor, to theme months (like February) where we’re focusing on all things heart-related, which just so happens to be my specialty as a heart surgeon.

Why the Name?

The name of this blog was inspired by my work, because I knew there needed to be a place people could turn to before and after dealing with a medical condition. Your questions don’t stop  just because you are out of the hospital. My goal is to create a place where people can not only find valuable medical content, but also take that a step further if they wish and connect with physicians for a concierge telemedicine experience and an ongoing health partnership.

Speaking of physicians, this blog is for you, too! As someone who has been in your shoes and understands your specific situation, I am here to offer content on everything from wondering if you should get your MBA to finding authenticity as a doctor. Whether you’re at the beginning stages of your career or close to retirement, I’m here as a resource. I even offer executive coaching for physicians, which you can find out more information about by sending me an email or visiting my website. 

I can’t wait to learn more about you and what you want to see out of this blog. The goal is to have this to be an interactive and engaging place, packed with value for my readers. 

You know I’m a heart surgeon, but I’m also a physician, veteran, speaker, published author, podcaster and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in healthcare, spending the past three decades engaged in healthcare transformation, quality, outcomes, and consumer education, with a primary focus in cardiovascular health. 

Learn More

You can read my whole bio over on my website at www.drcoopmd.com, because let’s face it, we’re all short on time and we can only digest so much content in a day.  But here are just a few fast facts about me to get us acquainted in no time: 

  • Served over thirty-four years in the United States Army Reserve, completing four tours of duty in support of military operations around the world, including two tours in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait and in the continental United States.
  • Published my book, “Heart Attack: Truth, Tragedy, Triumph,” in 2016, which outlines my own experiences with heart disease, both personal and professional. It was featured on The Steve Harvey Show and it’s currently available on Amazon. 
  • In July 2019, I started my own healthcare staffing and consulting company called Primo (Professional Resource for Independent Medical Opinions) Health Services Group, LLC. I’m also the Founder and Chairman of Cooper and Company Consulting.
  • Voted the 2015 Georgia Hospital Association Physician Hero, recognized as a Men of Influence Awardee by the Atlanta Business League, Man of the Year by the Atlanta Tribune Magazine and Extraordinary physician leader by Citizens of Healthcare.  Recognized by Black Enterprise Modern Man, Ebony and numerous media outlets.    

Let’s stay connected. Follow me on Instagram at @drcoopmd, find me on LinkedIn or visit my website

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