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I’m Dr. Cooper — but you can call me Coop!

I’m an experienced physician, surgeon, veteran, speaker, published author, and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in healthcare. I’ve spent the past three decades engaged in healthcare transformation, quality, outcomes, and consumer education – with a primary focus in cardiovascular health.

My book, “Heart Attack: Truth, Tragedy, Triumph”, outlines my own experiences with heart disease, both personal and professional – from my own early recollections of heart attacks in my community to the lives I devoted myself to on tour in Iraq and Afghanistan.


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The PRIMO BLOG | Beyond the Knife | Doctors’ Day 2022

Wednesday, March 18th was annual Match Day, the day graduating fourth year medical students learn if they “matched” in their chosen post graduate specialty. As I watched my Twitter feed, there was excitement from those who “matched” and disappointment from those who...

Welcome to the Beyond The Knife Blog

Welcome to the Beyond The Knife blog. Whoa, that’s a heavy name, isn’t it? Well, healthcare and medicine are heavy topics, but I’m here to bring a little light to the subject. Our wellbeing is the most important part of our lives and when we take ownership. Stay...

Transforming Grief Into Joy

Grief is one of the hardest things to overcome. The truth is, after a period of loss or grief, a part of us changes and we're never completely the same. But what we can do is learn how to handle it for the better so we can learn and grow. Living in perpetual grief is...

Paying Attention to Your Body’s Signals for Optimal Health

Your body is a marvelous creation! It speaks to you when it’s doing great, and it also speaks to you when things aren’t so wonderful. But that’s the beauty of it – your body gives a ton of signals to let you know it’s in need of something so you can do what’s...

Discover the New Heart Healthy Diet

The connection between a nutritious diet and a healthy heart just became even clearer. A recent study by the University of Washington found that almost half of deaths from cardiovascular disease can be prevented by changing what you put on your plate. To make those...

Are Meatless Mondays For You?

You probably know that a plant-based diet offers a lot of benefits for your health, but it can be hard to give up hamburgers and bacon. In fact, an estimated 4 out of 5 vegetarians eventually go back to eating meat.   There’s also evidence that making the...

3 Simple Actions That Lower Your Stress Level

If the hustle, bustle, and challenges of everyday life make your stress levels inch up each day, you must find a way to break free! Holding onto the stresses of yesterday will simply add to the tension of today and tomorrow. Soon the amount of pressure you carry...